Great to see you,
fellow human!

Great to see you, fellow human!

Great to see you, fellow human!

Great to see you, fellow human!


I’m a 28 years old German nerd working as a Senior Experience Designer at Jung von Matt in Hamburg, Germany. I finished my Communication Design Bachelor in early 2016 and am working in digital agencies since.

During the last six years I worked with clients around the globe: Creating Experience Showrooms in China, Russia, United Kingdom, and Dubai, conceptualizing the Digital Experience Strategy for an upcoming FIFA World Cup, and developed new fintech products for the German market.

I hate buzzword designers* and love complexity and constant new challenges.


2020 - now  •  Senior UX Designer

Jung von Matt

2018 - 20  •  UX Designer

Jung von Matt

2017 - 18  •  (Junior) UX Designer

deepblue networks

2016 - 17  •  Junior UX Designer

Jung von Matt

2014 - 15  •  UX/UI Intern



2011 - 16  •  Communicationdesign B.A.

FH Aachen


ADC Germany ● ●  ● ●
Deutscher Digital Award  ● ●
Webby Award ● ● ● ● ●
Lovie Award ● ●
Autovision OttoCar  

GWA Junior Agency Award  



Creativity is one of the most important traits we as humans have. In the end, everything we create is formed out of curiosity and creativity to create something better, easier, more enjoyable, and/or more beautiful. Big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence seem to take over every space and many are certain it will replace creation as well. I don’t think so. Every tool we build depends on the creativity of a human, to begin with. It also allows us to break out of the conversion-optimization game many companies are stuck in till someone disrupts their industry. What is your 4% higher click-through rate worth when someone puts you out of business with a new idea?


I will annoy you. If I believe that that extra piece of work matters to deliver higher quality, I will do it and I need a team around me that has the same goal. People that are willing to push themselves and their colleagues to do better. They are not afraid to argue on a professional level with passion.

Due to my role, I’m often the only one on the table that has the user's needs in mind and that’s what I will speak for. I know that the product needs to make its money's worth, but I won’t snuggle with the client's ideas and doing just because they pay me. I believe that most of the time delivering the best for my client’s users is the best path for my client as well.


Communication is key. Not only with my colleagues but also with clients and users. It seems to be so hard for a species that learned to communicate in complex languages thousands of years ago. I’m no exemption. I honor transparency and clarity and see them as something I constantly need to work on myself. If you can give great feedback I will kiss your feet. Just kidding.


The most important driver of excellent products is the team behind them. We glorify Steve Jobs and Elon Musk for their product visions but they are nothing without amazing people challenging them and executing the joined vision.

I only function in teams that have common goals but yet have diverse backgrounds and skills to get their work to the next level. If your team doesn't have roles like Developer, Quality Manager, UI Designer, UX Writer, and Researcher you won't get the best possible outcome.

Staying dissatisfied

This sums up my aspirations about myself and my work. That doesn’t mean that I’m negative and depressed or pessimistic. I’m just not blinded by what idea I had yesterday and constantly want to evolve.
I value past projects and opportunities but I am more excited to do something even better in the future.

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