— experience showroom


— experience showroom

[R] Visual & UX Design Intern
[C] Audi
[Y] 2015

AudiCity was my main project during my internship at razorfish. The project was up and running for about a year and the first major expansion had to be designed.

maxime-gauthier-418539 2

My task was to include used cars into the system. AudiCity was meant to be for new cars only and nobody had thought about integrating used car when it was first designed. 

The biggest problem was to show the range of configurations and make them searchable. Every model has its own tone of yellow, rims, packages and so on.

Colorpicker Detailfilter

Another aspect of the work was to reimagine the existing flow & to think about adding new technologies like Microsoft HoloLens.

Hotspots des Interaktiver Konfigurator V1

more projects— relaunch /// 2017— rebrush /// 2017

Bitburger— app & website /// 2016

AudiCity— experience showroom /// 2015

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