Refreshing Germany’s best Robo-Advisor


Refreshing Germany’s best Robo-Advisor


Refreshing Germany’s best Robo-Advisor


Refreshing Germany’s best Robo-Advisor


Refreshing Germany’s best Robo-Advisor

y – 2019
a – Jung von Matt
r – UX Designer

Situation: Robots taking over

VisualVest is an online asset manager that automatically invests your money based on your risk profile and goals. In contrast to most so-called 'Robo-Advisors', VisualVest focuses on ethical and environmentally friendly investments. The company has a B2B focus and develops its software for a variety of banks. But it also uses its own software on visualvest.de for its B2C business. The later was our main focus at first. 


What are Robo-Advisors?

Robo-Advisors are automated portfolio managers. You can think of them as an autopilot for investors. After initially answering a series of questions about an investor's resources and financial goals, the Robo-Advisor will make ongoing decisions about how to invest the client's money.

The benefits: Fewer asset managers can manage many more clients at the same time. This lowers the cost and barrier of entry for customers. Compared to traditional fund management, which often requires a fortune to get into, Robo-Advisors like VisualVest can be used with as little as 25 € per month. This kind of automation and multi-client management reduces the cost dramatically.


Fantastic service, right? But why is nobody using it?

The barrier of entry for trading stocks has been very high for centuries. It requires time, knowledge, and money – Or at least two of those. This belief created an image that doesn't speak to Germany's average earner, especially since we don't like to talk about money. Our financial advisors are our parents, and we do as they did before us: Saving money in saving accounts or bankbooks. It worked for my parents, it will work for me, right?

Of course not. Low interest can't compensate for inflation and will ultimately lead many workers into old-age poverty. Services like Robo-Advisors carry way more risk than saving accounts but enable users to counter inflation eventually.

The following graph shows the most common forms of saving in Germany. Documented through a survey in 2019.


Step one: Restructuring.

We researched, benchmarked, and finalized our strategy: Focusing on a younger target audience (18 - 35) than our competitors, we needed to rewrite the content and structure from the ground up. Bringing their goals forward and speaking a language they can actually understand. A balance between simplification and professionalism needed to be maintained.


Old vs. new. (Use the slider to see the difference)

Old vs. new frontpage


Trust is one of the most important connections a brand needs to establish in the financial service industry. Most banks earned it over decades and lost it due to recent scandals or affairs. A brand like VisualVest that nobody knows needs to establish a whole new connection with potential customers. Trust can be transferred through independent test results, press voices, understanding, and transparency.

Based on these factors, we redesigned the front page:

  1. Light, colorful, friendly, and clear interactions.
  2. Focusing on the user's perspective:
    1. Do you understand what I want?
    2. Why should I pick you?
    3. What do you have to offer?
    4. Is it secure? 
  1. We reduced the number of pages to eliminate the need for constant explanations of f.e. product differences.
  2. The length of texts reduced to allow better scanning.
  3. Images and illustrations were added to support the topic and make it visually engaging.


Old vs. new product intro


Old vs. new product dscription


Highlighting product features enables a quick overview. Since their products aren't directly comparable, we went with a detailed description and not a point for point comparison.


Old vs. new product dscription


A performance module that includes comparison features, an event timeline, and blog articles. It shows the performance development and educates inexperienced users about spikes and dips of the market.


Step two: The new Whitelabel App.

After upgrading the brand and website, we updated the mobile App and converted it into a Whitelabel for their B2B business. This update will come over the next months. Stay tuned.



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